I am a mobile auto detailer. I used to do this in a shop and sat down one day and figured this would be a whole better on my customers if I went to them so that’s what I do. They don’t have to worry about someone following them to carry them back and same when they come pick them up. I bring my own water and my own electricity. With this there is a whole different set of challenges you have to work through. Working in full sun on a 100 degree day is totally different than being in a constant degree shop. Auto detailing is a pretty big thing I mean people love to keep their car cleaned. And there are a bunch of detailer out there that really don’t know what they are doing and will swirl up a car. So I’m starting this blog to help out with my experiences and to do some in depth reviews of products I have used and use currently. So if there is something you would like me to talk about or a product you wondering about let me know I have probably used if not I will do a review so you don’t waste your time. There are a lot of products that claim to be miracle products don’t be fooled by these no such thing. Until next time 

Should I

When you cleaning your vehicle do you need wheel cleaner? My answer is maybe. Because wheel cleaner is a very strong cleaner and if you clean your vehicle regularly then no you don’t need it a good wheel brush and soapy water is all you need. As for people like me that run a mobile detailing business I’m in the full sun most all of the day and most wheel cleaners you have to let sit fo a couple of minutes what do you think will happen if you let wheel cleaner sit on your wheels at full on a hot wheel for a couple of minutes it’s going to dry and ruin your wheels. If you have really bad caked on brake dust and grime then find a good shaded area 

before you apply it. And becareful DON’T LET IT DRY. Thanks for reading. Love to hear comments

Foam Cannon

What is a foam cannon. A foam cannon is a bottle you connect to the end of a pressure washer filled with a mixture of soap and water when sprayed it produces a very thick foam.  I read a lot about these before I went and bought one. I decided to go with a cheaper one off of ebay I think I paid 14.00 for it. I didn’t want to get a really expensive one to start out with if it wouldn’t fit my needs. To my surprise this thing is awesome so instead of using the 3 or 4 gallons of water I would have used filling up a bucket I now use that same amount of water and soap the whole vehicle with a super thick foam that I wouldn’t have got just with using a bucket. You will be very amazed you can control how thick the foam by adding more soap to water ratio in the bottle way better than using a bucket of dirty water. The one I bought on ebay does such a god job that I have decided not to purchase one that is going to cost me about 60.00 and it will do the exact same thing as this one does. I will give you some tips on using it. It will not as a lot of videos show where they are just spraying on the soap and spraying it off with water and the vehicle is magically clean they don’t work that way. Depending on hot it is outside you will want to wash one side at a time if it’s cooler then you can soap down the whole vehicle if it’s really hot you will be wasting water and soap because the sun will dry it up before you have a chance to get to it and if you are like me a mobile detailer water is the main I carry because it’s very limited. But after you foam one side grab your microfiber sponge and go to washing after you get that side with a sponge I like to go back with a microfiber towel because that is what microfiber is made for to pick up dirt this step ensures your not leaving anything behind. After that switch the bottle out for a nozzle and hose it off. While I was out detailing I dropped my bottle and the neck broke off so I went and found one of my smaller sprayer bottles and luckily it fit perfect and its still going. So if you hadn’t tried on of these I highly recommend that you do you wont be disappointed.

The Little Things

There are some things that you might see that might not be a big deal to you but to your customer it’s huge. As a detailer I just can’t let those little things go it bugs me because as a detailer that’s what your supposed to be doing cleaning those spots your customer may notice only once but that one time will be huge when they see that you notice it also. Examples would be always clean the door Jambs of a vehicle I get more thank you for that because a lot of people just don’t take the time to do it also the the trunk Jambs on an SUV all the way around the inside and out. The vents have you some sort of brush where you can dust the vents out. When you clean windows always roll it down just a little so you can clean the top of the window. And all the little places where the center consoles is. There are a lot more I could list all day but you get the point when you clean a vehicle that well all these things will stand out more than ever and eventually your customer will notice these places. Detailing is paying attention not only to what everybody can see but all the stuff you won’t see or maybe not pay attention to. Thanks for reading.

Leather Care

Let’s talk about leather care. Choosing a good cleaner and this is where most don’t know but a good conditioner also. The leather in your car is just like your skin. Imagine using a harsh chemical to clean something with using your bare hands no gloves. More than likely your skin will dry out and if you kept doing this without moisturizing you skin would completely break open. Well this the same for your leather if you clean it with a cleaner you need to come back with a conditioner to keep it from drying out and cracking. You have to becareful what you put on it. I will be doing some reviews on some products to help you out and pick something to meet your needs. If there is a product you would like to see in my review let me know would love to hear it. Thanks for reading

Drying Your Vehicle

When I write on something I write it on how I work outside in the heat so if someone reads something who works indoors in a shop may be different from what I do.

I’m writing on drying your vehicle. I have been asked about drying your vehicle with some sort of blow dryer that’s a good idea if you work inside working outside is different. Because working outside in the heat and sun you pretty much have to wash and dry one side at a time and most of the time the side your washing is going to be almost dry anyway. You could haul one of these around and use it to get water out of the outside mirrors or from behind the door handle but most of the time it drys to quickly. So it’s best to take a drying agent to help dry and provide a lubricating layer between the microfiber towel and the paint. Do not use only a microfiber towel you may cause scratches. Any comments love to hear them. Thanks for reading

Wheel Brushes

I just wanted to share my opinion with everyone about what type of wheel brush I use. I use brushes called Wheel Woolies I will include the link for them. I like these brushes because they are super soft they wont scratch your wheels whatever type you may have. Also the handle is made flexible so you can bend them around the wheel into the tiniest of areas. They come in three sizes so you can clean any wheel. They are a bit pricy but I think you will be satisfied in them. If anyone has tries these let me know what you thought about them. If not what kind are you using. I would love to hear it. Thanks for reading





Bug And Tar Removal

I know everyone thinks that getting bugs and tar off of a car is a big deal but it’s actually not and I’m going to tell why. The cleaner you need to get is totally awesome it’s a very effective cleaner now the bottle says to dilute before use I have found that it’s better to use it straight. You don’t have to let this cleaner sit long couple of seconds do not let it dry and if you are in the hot sun as I am wet the area with water first then spray a little of this on the spot and have a good scrubber pad that won’t scratch I will post the one I use. And have some soapy water and gently scrub it off this works very good I even do this to the wheel wells. I get this brick from a place called showcar but I also seen one in Walmart where the mops are and dishwashing liquid it has a sponge on one side and this scrubby pad on the other side. Any questions feel free to ask and happy detailing