Cleaning Windows The Right Way

Cleaning your vehicles glass is not as easy as it seems. A bunch of people don’t know how to clean glass properly. You may go out clean your glass it will look clean at one angle but when you look from another it has marks on it. First of all you have to look whats in your cleaner. You can’t use a cleaner with ammonia in it. Ammonia will deteriorate your vehicles rubber seals so be sure to get a cleaner with no ammonia. Now let’s get down to cleaning. I like to use a foam window cleaner to me the foam stays in one place when you spray it on the glass unlike a liquid cleaner that will run right off when you spray it. So first spray your whole glass with the cleaner you dont have to completely soak it. Use a microfiber towel because microfiber towel are used for lifting and holding dirt. They also have 2 sides most people dont know a cleaning side and a polishing side. Start by folding the towel in half then in half again so when one side gets dirty you can refold it to a clean side instead of using the whole towel and getting the whole towel dirty. You cant clean something with a dirty towel. That is very key  when detailing a  car wp-image-873853104jpg.jpgwhether it be cleaning glass, paint, wheels, or anything else. Once you have the whole glass wiped down and all the cleaner removed go back with another clean microfiber towel folded the same way and go back over the glass and polish it out. This is a very important step of cleaning glass that most people miss. Follow these simply steps and you’ll be cleaning glass like a pro. Thanks for reading until next time.


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