The Basics

Let’s start out with the very basics of auto detailing. You have to find a good lathery bubbly soap. The lather and bubbles do serve a purpose and its a very important purpose. Lets look at one scenario first. If you were to just go out and wet your car with water then take a sponge and go over it your paint would be scratched by all the dirt because of all the friction you are about to create and there is nothing there to lift off the dirt so it’s just being dragged across the surface of your cars paint.  The purpose is the bubbles and lather serve as a lubricating layer between your sponge or mitt to where you don’t scratch your paint. The bubbles also lift the dirt off of you paint so you can safely wash any dirt off of cars paint. There are also waterless washes or rinseless washes. I’m not totally against them but there are only certain times you can use these products. There are some companies that say they are totally waterless. They might use this products but this is not cleaning you car. These products are for cleaning a car that is in a museum or something you might drive once a week. You can’t wash a car with these products that you drive everyday. It also takes a lot longer trying to  use this type of product on a vehicle that has been drove everyday. Examples when you drive you car dust gets in behind door handles and any other small places it can get into. You cant wash this places out with this type of product it would take so much time and product trying to do this when you could have used water and washed these places out. Also if you’re trying to get bugs tar or any other hard to get off spots this product does not allow you to scrub with a layer of protection like a soap. So for me good ole soap water is the best way to go. Thanks for reading until next time.


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