The Dark Colored Car

I am a mobile detailer meaning I do all of my work outside so if its 100 degrees that’s where I’m at detailing a car. Washing, waxing, and whatever else I need to do to it. Everybody knows that cleaning a dark colored vehicle out in direct sunlight in the heat of the day is a challenge but I’m here to share how it’s done. Now with it being that hot outside the water is going to dry almost faster than you can wash it same goes for the glass as soon as you spray cleaner on the glass its going to be hard to clean. I always dry a car with a microfiber towel and some drying solution mine being a spray wax this gives you lubrication while drying I learned this after cleaning cars and drying with a chamois cloth. Now these are good for soaking up water but they don’t pick up any dirt particles left over from the wash. Notice how when you dry with one of these all the friction they cause while you’re drying that’s not good for your paint. So I always use a drying solution and a microfiber towel. Microfiber not only is good for drying but they also pick and lift off dirt particles safely. and the solution adds that lubrication layer needed for paint safety. When I wash a dark colored vehicle I do it on side at a time if you don’t there will be waterspots left behind so wash one side go quickly with your drying solution and go ahead and dry that side. Yes you will get parts of the car wet you have already dried but if it was easy everybody would be doing it. After that if you want to wax it and don’t have shade I know of product you can use I will post it at the bottom of this post. It a meguiars paste wax you can use in full sun but you still have to use caution and this is an awesome product. Moving to the windows if you get waterspots on them best way to remove them is spray the glass with your cleaner and take a scrubbing pad scrub the glass then take a clean dry microfiber cloth and finish polishing it out. This scrub pad is also very good at removing bugs and tar from a vehicle. I will picture the one I use also. Thanks for reading


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