Window Cleaner The Universal Cleaner

Most people think that window cleaner only cleans glass. Actually window cleaner is one of those cleaners that is gentle enough yet strong enough to clean just about anything. Window cleaner is designed to lift bugs, dirt, and other contaminants from glass so its strong enough yet gentle to clean a lot more. Maybe you forgot to clean the door jambs and you are cleaning glass you don’t have to waste time switching cleaners just spray the door jambs and wipe clean always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning any part of a car. Maybe you’re in the interior cleaning and see you have missed a spot window cleaner will clean that too. You dont want to go out on your paint and clean a huge area window cleaner just doesn’t have that lubricating layer you need to clean paint without scratching it, but a small area if you spray enough yes. Another use is chrome window cleaner is awesome at polishing chrome. The way I do it is spray on my microfiber cloth just a little dont soak it and wipe the chrome piece to a shiny finish. Did you miss some bugs on the front or mirrors spray some on there and wipe off its designed to lift it from glass it will lift it from the paint as well. You will be surprised at what this cleaner will clean. play around with it and see what you can clean with it.  Just remember be sure it has NO ammonia in the cleaner it will eat your rubber seal. I will post a picture of what I use and any product I post I will do full reviews on these products and if you want a great glass cleaner you should check this one out. And as always thanks for reading and if there is anything you would like me to talk about please comment or shoot me an email. Until next time.

window cleaner




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