One Of The Top Questions I Get Asked 

If anyone considers their self a detailer then they should do what I’m about to talk about. One of the top questions I get asked that I shouldn’t is when I go to wax a vehicle “Do you wax the top” because the company before me just wanted to save a little time and I guess product or was simply to lazy to wax the top of a vehicle. How do you not do that think about or do that. Think about this where is the sun and every other element constantly hitting? “The top of a vehicle” This is the most important part of a vehicle to give a really good wax layer to. I also have another question I get asked a lot about the interior but that’s a whole different subject. But that’s the world we live in there will always be someone out there trying to swindle someone out of some money any way they can. I believe different if you pay someone to do something then you want it done same as the swindlers pay someone I’m pretty sure they want it done right also what if the job they paid for got done halfway. Just saying if someone pays you to do a job do it right the old saying anything worth doing is worth doing right. Thanks for reading.


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