The Right Way To Apply Tire Shine

Applying tire shine isn’t as hard as you may think. You will need an applicator it’s best if you can find one that contours to the tire. You have to be sure the tire is completely clean if you don’t then the shine won’t last. I always start out by spraying some shine on the applicator putting it right where the tire and rim meet and go around the center. You don’t want to spray this area because of it getting all over the wheel it won’t hurt it if you get on there but it’s very time consuming having to reclean the wheel. After that depending on the tire size you may have to spray this area to get between the treads if it’s a large tire smaller tires you should be OK with just the applicator. After all this then the most important part you have to roll the vehicle up or back so you can dress the bottom of the tires very important. Thanks for reading.


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