Part Of My Arsenal 

I would like to share with you one of the products I use when I detail a car. Back when I first started cleaning I would buy interior cleaners that I thought smelled good but I quickly learned what you think smells good the next person might not necessarily think the same. So I did a lot of searching for an odorless cleaner and ran across nonsense cleaner by chemical guys. Now I don’t recommend chemical guys if your running a business because their stuff is for the person who cleans their own car the stuff is just to expensive to run a business. But this cleaner is very good at a good price because its concentrated I use about 1 oz to a 32 Oz sprayer. But you can play around with different strengths to see what suits your needs.  This stuff will clean just about anything with no smell. That way if your customer has their own airfreshner or is just sensitive to smells this is a very good cleaner. Another reason I use it is because a bunch of newer  vehicles I clean have a matte finish interior and the customer wants to keep it that way. If they want shine I have another product for that, but that’s for another time. Thanks for reading


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