Wheel Cleaner

20160402_170840I want to give you the truth about using wheel cleaners. Wheels cleaner are a very powerful cleaner that you really don’t need to use most of the time. Your wheels are just as important to protect as your paint. When I start to wash wheels I get a bucket with clean water and soap in it with a sponge I only use for cleaning wheels. This is all you need to use to clean your wheels unless you never wash your car and brake dust is caked on your wheels. I have seen many of vehicles most with chrome wheels that people will use wheel cleaner on and let it sit because that’s what most of the bottles say to do spray and let sit for 3 to 5 minutes. After this when they wash it off it has eaten through some of the chrome and damaged the wheel. I mean who really feels safe doing that with wheels you just spent 600 a piece on. There is something a little safer I use rather than wheel cleaner. I’m sure most of you has heard of it a degreaser called totally awesome. It’s great spray it on the wheels and tires then take your soapy water and sponge scrub the wheel and rinse off. Do only 1 wheel at a time. Thanks for reading


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