Bug And Tar Removal

I know everyone thinks that getting bugs and tar off of a car is a big deal but it’s actually not and I’m going to tell why. The cleaner you need to get is totally awesome it’s a very effective cleaner now the bottle says to dilute before use I have found that it’s better to use it straight. You don’t have to let this cleaner sit long couple of seconds do not let it dry and if you are in the hot sun as I am wet the area with water first then spray a little of this on the spot and have a good scrubber pad that won’t scratch I will post the one I use. And have some soapy water and gently scrub it off this works very good I even do this to the wheel wells. I get this brick from a place called showcar but I also seen one in Walmart where the mops are and dishwashing liquid it has a sponge on one side and this scrubby pad on the other side. Any questions feel free to ask and happy detailing


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