Drying Your Vehicle

When I write on something I write it on how I work outside in the heat so if someone reads something who works indoors in a shop may be different from what I do.

I’m writing on drying your vehicle. I have been asked about drying your vehicle with some sort of blow dryer that’s a good idea if you work inside working outside is different. Because working outside in the heat and sun you pretty much have to wash and dry one side at a time and most of the time the side your washing is going to be almost dry anyway. You could haul one of these around and use it to get water out of the outside mirrors or from behind the door handle but most of the time it drys to quickly. So it’s best to take a drying agent to help dry and provide a lubricating layer between the microfiber towel and the paint. Do not use only a microfiber towel you may cause scratches. Any comments love to hear them. Thanks for reading


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