The Little Things

There are some things that you might see that might not be a big deal to you but to your customer it’s huge. As a detailer I just can’t let those little things go it bugs me because as a detailer that’s what your supposed to be doing cleaning those spots your customer may notice only once but that one time will be huge when they see that you notice it also. Examples would be always clean the door Jambs of a vehicle I get more thank you for that because a lot of people just don’t take the time to do it also the the trunk Jambs on an SUV all the way around the inside and out. The vents have you some sort of brush where you can dust the vents out. When you clean windows always roll it down just a little so you can clean the top of the window. And all the little places where the center consoles is. There are a lot more I could list all day but you get the point when you clean a vehicle that well all these things will stand out more than ever and eventually your customer will notice these places. Detailing is paying attention not only to what everybody can see but all the stuff you won’t see or maybe not pay attention to. Thanks for reading.


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