How To Clean Those Hard To Reach Spots

I’m going to teach you an easy way to clean those hard to reach spots as in cup holders or the inside the door panels or any other small place you really can’t reach your hand into. First spray your interior cleaner into where your going to clean let it sit for a minute or two to let it breakdown whatever is in there. The interior cleaner I use is awesome for this just check out my interior cleaning post. After its sat for a minute take you vacuum and suck it all out you will amazed how great this works. For more tip and tricks follow me. Thanks for reading.


Shine Interior Plastic

As I mentioned in my other posts I don’t like to use armorall or meguiars interior cleaner because these have scents to them everybody has their own scent. So the cleaner I use for interior doesn’t add a shine because most cars have a matte finish but for those that do not I have the product for you to make the dash and other interior parts shine. This is a product you spray on and walk away from. You can even use it to shine up the plastic on the outside of a vehicle. Until next time happy detailing



Wheel Cleaner

20160402_170840I want to give you the truth about using wheel cleaners. Wheels cleaner are a very powerful cleaner that you really don’t need to use most of the time. Your wheels are just as important to protect as your paint. When I start to wash wheels I get a bucket with clean water and soap in it with a sponge I only use for cleaning wheels. This is all you need to use to clean your wheels unless you never wash your car and brake dust is caked on your wheels. I have seen many of vehicles most with chrome wheels that people will use wheel cleaner on and let it sit because that’s what most of the bottles say to do spray and let sit for 3 to 5 minutes. After this when they wash it off it has eaten through some of the chrome and damaged the wheel. I mean who really feels safe doing that with wheels you just spent 600 a piece on. There is something a little safer I use rather than wheel cleaner. I’m sure most of you has heard of it a degreaser called totally awesome. It’s great spray it on the wheels and tires then take your soapy water and sponge scrub the wheel and rinse off. Do only 1 wheel at a time. Thanks for reading

Looking To Start A Detailing Business

Are you wanting to start your auto detailing business need some help on how to do something follow my blog and I will teach you through my experiences. I’m not like the other I’m not paid by anyone just showing the products I use and explain why I use them and why they are a great product to use.20160918_183030

How Often To Wax My Vehicle 

If you follow my blog I like to keep my writing to the point and not carry on and on about something. I have read some and watched some videos about things and by the person writing or demonstrating for so long I’ve done forgot what was going on. So I like mine to the point I know this day and time people are very busy including myself. So with that being said how often should you wax your vehicle. The answer is depends on how much you wash it. And what type of wax your using. If your using a spray wax you will need to wax sooner than you would with a paste wax. I recommend every 2 weeks this keeps a good layer on your vehicle and when you go to wash it it a lot easier. A spray wax can last up to 2 weeks and a paste around 3 to 4 weeks. I have some customers I will paste wax a good layer about 3 or 4 times a year the rest of the time I use spray wax. Does great. One more thing I am a mobile detailer so I’m in the sun most of the time in parking lots or wherever. I have spent a lot of time trying to find waxes I can do this with these products I post are great to use even if you use them in direct sunlight you still have to be careful and do a smaller portion than if you had shade. Happy detailing any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading

Part Of My Arsenal 

I would like to share with you one of the products I use when I detail a car. Back when I first started cleaning I would buy interior cleaners that I thought smelled good but I quickly learned what you think smells good the next person might not necessarily think the same. So I did a lot of searching for an odorless cleaner and ran across nonsense cleaner by chemical guys. Now I don’t recommend chemical guys if your running a business because their stuff is for the person who cleans their own car the stuff is just to expensive to run a business. But this cleaner is very good at a good price because its concentrated I use about 1 oz to a 32 Oz sprayer. But you can play around with different strengths to see what suits your needs.  This stuff will clean just about anything with no smell. That way if your customer has their own airfreshner or is just sensitive to smells this is a very good cleaner. Another reason I use it is because a bunch of newer  vehicles I clean have a matte finish interior and the customer wants to keep it that way. If they want shine I have another product for that, but that’s for another time. Thanks for reading

One Of The Top Questions I Get Asked 

If anyone considers their self a detailer then they should do what I’m about to talk about. One of the top questions I get asked that I shouldn’t is when I go to wax a vehicle “Do you wax the top” because the company before me just wanted to save a little time and I guess product or was simply to lazy to wax the top of a vehicle. How do you not do that think about or do that. Think about this where is the sun and every other element constantly hitting? “The top of a vehicle” This is the most important part of a vehicle to give a really good wax layer to. I also have another question I get asked a lot about the interior but that’s a whole different subject. But that’s the world we live in there will always be someone out there trying to swindle someone out of some money any way they can. I believe different if you pay someone to do something then you want it done same as the swindlers pay someone I’m pretty sure they want it done right also what if the job they paid for got done halfway. Just saying if someone pays you to do a job do it right the old saying anything worth doing is worth doing right. Thanks for reading.