Foam Cannon

What is a foam cannon. A foam cannon is a bottle you connect to the end of a pressure washer filled with a mixture of soap and water when sprayed it produces a very thick foam.  I read a lot about these before I went and bought one. I decided to go with a cheaper one off of ebay I think I paid 14.00 for it. I didn’t want to get a really expensive one to start out with if it wouldn’t fit my needs. To my surprise this thing is awesome so instead of using the 3 or 4 gallons of water I would have used filling up a bucket I now use that same amount of water and soap the whole vehicle with a super thick foam that I wouldn’t have got just with using a bucket. You will be very amazed you can control how thick the foam by adding more soap to water ratio in the bottle way better than using a bucket of dirty water. The one I bought on ebay does such a god job that I have decided not to purchase one that is going to cost me about 60.00 and it will do the exact same thing as this one does. I will give you some tips on using it. It will not as a lot of videos show where they are just spraying on the soap and spraying it off with water and the vehicle is magically clean they don’t work that way. Depending on hot it is outside you will want to wash one side at a time if it’s cooler then you can soap down the whole vehicle if it’s really hot you will be wasting water and soap because the sun will dry it up before you have a chance to get to it and if you are like me a mobile detailer water is the main I carry because it’s very limited. But after you foam one side grab your microfiber sponge and go to washing after you get that side with a sponge I like to go back with a microfiber towel because that is what microfiber is made for to pick up dirt this step ensures your not leaving anything behind. After that switch the bottle out for a nozzle and hose it off. While I was out detailing I dropped my bottle and the neck broke off so I went and found one of my smaller sprayer bottles and luckily it fit perfect and its still going. So if you hadn’t tried on of these I highly recommend that you do you wont be disappointed.


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